Student Leader Application Checklist

Application Checklist:

These webpages contain essential information needed to apply for the NA and CA position. Please read all the information on the application pages carefully before completing and submitting the application. To receive full consideration for employment, all application materials are due to the Oakes Student Life Office by Wedneday, January 24th, 2018 at 4:00 pm.

  • Apply online at the Career Center's Employee Request System: Search for ER# 4611. Complete application there.
    There is no need to duplicate information provided on resume. It's OK to type "see resume for additional information."
  • Oakes Student Leader Online Application - THE DEADLINE FOR APPLYING TO BE AN NA OR CA FOR 2018-2019 is Wednesday, January 24th at 4:00pm.
    • You must submit a completed application, including essay questions, to be considered for the NA or CA positions. You are allowed to apply for both positions. Please familiarize yourself with the expectations of both positions before applying.
    • The online application includes 2 short essays that all applicants must complete and one additional essay for all Community Assistant applicants. Your responses should total about 500 words (2 pages) plus an additional 250 words if applying for the Community Assistant position. We recommend you write your answers on a separate document first, which will allow you the opportunity to re-read your answers and edit accordingly. The questions are:
    1. What personal experience(s) have contributed to the leader you are today?
    2. Oakes College is built upon values of social justice, community, and advocacy. As a student leader, how will you demonstrate these values in your work? How will you use them to enhance the student experience at Oakes?
    3. COMMUNITY ASSISTANT APPLICANTS ONLY: What are some community needs that you would address through program planning? Give an example of one program you would put on and how it would address a specific community needs
  • Resume: You are required to submit a resume to apply to either position. You can submit an electronic copy by emailing it to You may also submit a paper copy of your resume to the Oakes Student Life Office.
  • 2 Reference Forms
    • You must have 2 different people submit recommendations on your behalf. If you are a current resident of Oakes, one of your recommendations must be a current NA or CA. For a PDF copy of the Reference Form, click here. Each reference only needs to submit either a paper copy OR an electronic copy of their reference.

Click here for a PDF file of this checklist to assist you in the application process.

Competency Considerations:

As you consider your interest in this position, we want to share the competencies that we will be evaluating throughout the process: 

  • Awareness of the NA/CA Position: Do you possess a general knowledge of the position’s responsibilities?
  • Communication: Can you communicate your ideas clearly and concisely? Do you know when to speak up and when to listen?
  • Team Work: Can you balance the need to accomplish tasks within a group of team members?
  • Leadership & Maturity: Do you take initiative?  Are you a strong peer role model?
  • Critical Thinking: Are you able to see issues from multiple perspectives? Can you confidently deal with unclear or changing situations?
  • Cultural Competency: Are you encouraging and supportive toward others’ cultures, identities, and beliefs? Are you able to question or challenge discriminatory or biased attitudes or actions?
  • Time Management: Can you appropriately balance task accomplishments with time restrictions? Do you know how to realistically manage your time for your academic, work, and personal commitments?

Thank you for your interest in the Oakes College Student Life Program. Should you have any questions regarding the application and/or selection process, please feel free to contact Mandie Carroll at