At Oakes College we seek to provide our students with the highest quality education. To us this means not only preparing students for university-level coursework, but also providing them with the skills to lead thoughtful and productive lives and to work with people of other backgrounds who may hold different values.

In the Oakes College core course, Communicating Diversity for a Just Society, we explore the interconnections between our personal histories and our educational experiences and how such relationships shape our learning as well as our personal identities. Using these concepts, Oakes students are able to view their university experiences through a lens of diversity and equality.

- The Oakes Ambassador Program is designed to strengthen our Oakes family by connecting incoming Oakes students, current Oakes students, and Oakes alumni, in their geographic region.
- The Oakes core course is just one of the courses offered at Oakes!
- The College Math Academy is a small, interactive Math 3 (Precalculus) course offered with Rachel Carson College for students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in the Winter quarter.
- Our Scientist in Residence organizes science-related programs for all Oakes students, regardless of major.
- Oakes offers a certificate in service-learning and social justice. Learn more about the Oakes Service Learning Program.
- Oakes students excel in academics as well as extra-curriculars! Learn more about some notable Oakes students.
- Oakes provides student scholarships (for individual and collaborative projects) in the areas of (1) academic research; (2) creative initiatives; (3) artistic endeavors; (4) special events. 
- The Westside Writing Center (WWC) offers writing consultation services and tutoring designed to teach and support undergraduate students in all aspects of scholastic writing for students at Kresge, Oakes, Porter, Rachel Carson College, and Colleges Nine and Ten.