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The Oakes College Programs Office provides social, educational, and wellness-related programs for Oakes students, including Welcome Week and the Oakes College Commencement Ceremony. Our events include a variety of cultural and social awareness programs that promote dialogue and communication between the Oakes and UC Santa Cruz communities.
We work in conjunction with Oakes Senate, Community Assistants, Neighborhood Assistants and student volunteers to organize dance events, BBQs, film screenings, open mic nights, college nights and more. Some of our annual events coordinated during the academic year are: Spirit Week & Block Party, Oakes Talent Showcase, Movie on the Lawn, Drag Ball, Underdome 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, Swap Meets, and Solidarity Tongue Open Mic Night.
We encourage students as well as representatives from other campus units to email the Oakes College Programs Office to share your ideas on events or collaborative efforts:

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