Oakes Student Senate

The Oakes Senate is the governing body for Oakes students. The primary responsibilities of the senate include the allocation of the College Membership fund, making recommendations on policies and positions that affect students, staffing and publicizing student elections, informing Oakes students about issues and events occurring both at UCSC and across the University of California, and the appointment of students to university committees, including Academic Senate, Student Union Assembly, Student Committee on Committees, Core Council, and SUGB.

The Oakes Senate also sponsors and plans a variety of exciting events for the college. Events include The Big One, Oakes Town Hall, West Fest and Oakes Family Dinner.

Weekly Meetings

The Senate meets weekly to discuss relevant campus issues and hear presentations about campus programs and initiatives. *Senate Meetings are now hosted remotely through Zoom *.

Check the official Oakes Senate Instagram page for the link (uploaded weekly)!  New faces are always welcome!

Our Meetings at a Glance: Spring 2020 Agendas

Got a question for us but can't make our meeting time? Ask it here! 

If you would like to present to Oakes Senate, please email oakessen@ucsc.edu 

If it is regarding a budget proposal, please refer to the “Request Funding” section below 

Get Involved

Oakes students are encouraged to attend meetings at any time during the quarter and are welcome to email elected chairs in advance of a meeting to request an agenda topic or present on a relevant issue (see email address above). Additionally, Oakes Senate hosts a Town Hall Meeting each quarter to give updates, answer questions, and hear ideas from Oakes students.

Any affiliated Oakes College student can gain voting status from Oakes Senate by attending three consecutive meetings. To retain voting privileges, senators must attend two-thirds of the Senate meetings each quarter.

Request Funding

Oakes Student Senate provides limited funding for the implementation of events and programs that serve the Oakes Community. To be eligible for funding from the Oakes Student Senate, you must be one of the following:

  • A registered SOAR organization
  • A registered Student Media organization
  • An organization or club affiliated with OPERS
  • A group or organization affiliated with a campus unit and/or academic department with a FOAPAL available for fund transfers

Please submit your funding request using the online form below. Once you have put in your request, you will be contacted by email with an invitation to present at a meeting. It is recommended you submit your funding request as far in advance as possible, as a limit is put on the number of funding proposals heard at each senate meeting. 

Request a Funding Presentation: Oakes Senate Funding Proposal Online Form

After you have been confirmed on the agenda, be sure to bring a completed funding request form to your presentation. Copies can be found in the Oakes Student Life Office or you may print the 

Funding request PDF

Oakes Senate Budget

Read the Constitution

The Oakes Senate Constitution outlines the function and structure of the senate body, duties of senate chairs, guidance regarding funding awards, and rules around elections of chairs and representatives. The constitution was last updated in Fall 2019 and is reviewed for updates every three years. Read the constitution here.