Oakes Facilities

Reservations can be made by filling out the Oakes Space reservation form (bit.ly/oakes-reserve23). Please make your reservation at minumun two weeks in advance for sufficient planning, if it is submitted later we cannot guarantee the space or equipment will be available. Please contact oakespro@ucsc.edu with any questions regarding the reservation procedure. 


  • Facilities reservations do not open until the second Monday of each quarter. If you send a facility reservation before then, you may not receive a response until reservations officially open.
  • Reservations are NOT available:
    • Monday-Fridays from 8am-5pm (study hours)
    • during Student Leader Training and Welcome Week
    • towards the end of May (no Large-Scale Events)
    • during the month of June (no Large-Scale Events)
  • Facilities at Oakes College are only available to student organizations which are currently registered through SOAR, Student Media or sponsored by a campus unit.
  • Oakes facilities may not be reserved for consecutive meetings.
  • Additional fees will be charged for the use of speakers, microphones, and the stage.
  • You MUST clean-up after your reservation and leave the spaces as you found them (i.e. furniture in the same place, trash picked up, etc)
  • Oakes facilities are NOT available for reservations in September and June


Policies for outdoor Oakes facilities 
Outdoor Events with Amplified Sound
The peace and quiet of the campus and adjacent neighborhoods should not be disturbed by the amplified sound from events; California Penal Code 415 concerning disturbance of the peace is enforceable by the University Police Department.

The completion and approval of the Request for Outdoor Amplified Sound is required during the planning stage for the event (minimum 4 weeks in advance of event). 

If your event will requires outdoor amplified sound, please submit a form with your reservation. Please understand that requests received  less than 4-weeks prior to your event date will not be approved. Amplified Sound Request Form


For more information regarding campus policy regarding outdoor sound amplification, please refer to: November 2017, Major Events Policy

    Oakes Learning Center

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    • Capacity: 150 people seating, 300 standing. 
    • Reservation Fee: $100 per event

    General Info: The Oakes Learning Center is the primary indoor event space of Oakes College. Designed to be used as multipurpose space the room is equipped with tables, chairs, and free-standing whiteboards. Furniture within the room can be arranged to accommodate large audience seating, as well as small group seating options as desired.   


    • Unavailable for reservations Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM due to ongoing supplemental instruction during the academic year. Additionally not open to any reservations prior to and during finals week.

  • Oakes Lower Lawn

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    • Capacity: For groups over 500 people special permission required 
    • Reservation Fee: $200 per event

    General Info: The Oakes Lower Lawn is the premier outdoor venue on the West side of campus. Equipped with a wooden stage, pristine grass lawn, and scenic view of the ocean the Oakes Lower lawn is used for many large scale event such as commencement ceremonies and the UCSC Multicultural Festival.


    • If your event requires electricity, it is highly recommended you rent a generator from a third party vendor. The outlet on the lower lawn is unreliable and limited in how much energy it can supply.
    • Vehicles may not drive on the lawn.
    • If you are planning to host a BBQ, be sure to submit an "Open Flame/Cooking Application and Permit" to the UCSC Deputy Campus Fire Marshal for approval, at least 10 days in advance. 
    • If your event requires outdoor amplified sound, please submit a request form to Student Life Assistant at oakespro@ucsc.edu. 

  • Oakes Upper Lawn

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    • Capacity: 300 people 
    • Reservation Fee: $75 per event

    Located right outside the Oakes Student Life Office, the Oakes Upper Lawn is the first thing that you see when you walk into Oakes College and is perfect for small or large scale get together.




  • Oakes Amphitheater

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    • Capacity: 250 people 
    • Reservation Fee: $50 per event

    The Oakes Amphitheater is an outdoor venue with a fantastic view, that can accommodate a large group while still facilitating discussion and dialogue.


  • Kahlo and Shabazz Picnic Area

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    • Capacity: 20 people per picnic area 
    • Reservation Fee: $25 per picnic area & event
    Kahlo and Shabazz Picnic Areas serve as small space outdoor venues at Oakes college, and grills are not included in the reservation.


Equipment & Student Tech Crew  

  • Our facilities do not have a built in sound systems. Here is a list of available equipment we can rent out. Please note that requesting this equipment requires the precense of Tech Crew.
  • An additional fee for student tech crew is required for all reservations requesting a sound system. We can not provide projectors.
    • The Student Life Assistant will determine the appropriate number of student staff necessary for an event.
    • Your organization will be charged $20/hr for each tech crew member staffing your event
    • We will do our best to meet all sound system requests, but we are limited by the availability of our student staff team. The earlier you put in your request, the more likely we will be to meet it.
  • You may request student staff to be present for the duration of your event for troubleshooting purposes or for extra help with use of equipment at the hourly rate specified above.

Additional Charges ($25-$75 surcharge)

  • Major events require UCPD presence. The rates charged are not included in the aforementioned fees.
  • It is expected that trash cans will be emptied and all garbage and recycling taken to a local dumpster after each event.
  • In event that additional custodial services are required for special cleaning at the end of an event, the reserving party will be charged for that service.
  • Damage to Oakes property outside of normal wear and tear will be charged to your organization for repair or replacement

Cancellation Policy

We request that if for any reason you have to cancel a reservation that you have previously made please do so atleast 48 hours prior to the event. If a reservation is canceled past this point, there may be a cancellation fee for up to half the reservation cost. This fee also applies to “no shows.” Please contact oakespro@ucsc.edu for any questions regarding cancellations.

How to Reserve

Submit an online Oakes Facilities Reservation Form. You will be contacted via email or phone within 5 working days to confirm your reservation and discuss logistics.

Outside Tabling at Oakes Upper Lawn


Outside tabling at the colleges is limited to campus affiliates and availability of the Oakes Upper Lawn. In order to obtain approval for outside tabling activities, please email oakespro@ucsc.edu at least 3 business days in advance of the proposed activity.

  1. Amplified sound is not permitted.
  2. Prior approval is required for food or drink distribution. A campus food permit is required for food that is perishable or was not purchased pre-packaged.
  3. Prior approval is required for cash collection (sales or donations).
  4. Tabling activities must be kept to outside areas. Buildings and residential areas may not be entered.
  5. Tables and chairs are not provided.   
  6. Passerby paths of travel may not be blocked or obstructed by activities.

Registered Student Organizations: A completed SOAR event proposal is required before requests for food, or the ability to collect cash will be considered. Once the event proposal form has been completed and submitted, please contact oakespro@ucsc.edu.


For more information and to view Oakes facilities' policy, click here