Oakes Facilities

Reservations for the Oakes College facility spaces are managed by the College Programs Coordinator, Mary Simms, and the Student Life Assistant. Please contact oakesprograms@ucsc.edu with any questions regarding the reservation procedure. 


  • Facilities at Oakes College are only available to student organizations which are currently registered through SOAR, Student Media or sponsored by a campus unit.
  • Oakes facilities may not be reserved for consecutive meetings.
  • Fees and charges are used to cover the cost of wages for student staff, maintenance and upkeep of facilities/equipment.

    Space Available

  • Oakes Learning Center

    Oakes Learning Center

    The Oakes Learning Center is the primary indoors event space of Oakes College. The rental fee of the Oakes Learning Center is $150 per event. Capable of seating 150 people, the Oakes Learning Center has a history of academic support. It is regularly used by Learning Support Services as a tutoring and supplemental instruction space during the school year, and is thus unavailable for reservations Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5:15 PM. It is not open to reservations at all the weekend prior to finals or the week of finals.

  • Oakes Lower Lawn

    Oakes Lower Lawn

    The Oakes Lower Lawn is the premier outdoor venue on the West side of campus. The rental fee of the Oakes Lower Lawn is $200. The home of four different college commencement ceremonies, the Oakes Lower Lawn offers a pristine grass lawn with a wooden stage and a fantastic view. The Oakes Lower Lawn also proudly hosts the UCSC Multicultural Festival each year. If your event on the Lower Lawn requires electricity, it is highly recommmended you rent a generator from a third party vendor. The outlet on the lower lawn is unreliable and limited in how much energy it can supply. Vehicles may not drive on the lawn.

  • Guzman Room

    Guzman Room

    Located right next to the Oakes Cafe, the Guzman Room is a smaller, more intimate venue. The capacity of the Guzman Room is 50. The space comes with use of a television and is perfect for small student group meetings. The rental fee for the Guzman Room is $75.
  • Oakes Upper Lawn

    Oakes Upper Lawn

    Located right outside the Oakes Student Life Office, the Oakes Upper Lawn is the first thing that you see when you walk into Oakes College. The rental fee of the Oakes Upper Lawn is $50 and has a maximum capacity of 300.
  • Oakes Amphitheater

    Oakes Amphitheater

    The Oakes Amphitheater provides an outdoor venue that seats 250 people but still facilitates discussion and dialogue. It comes with a fantastic view. The rental fee for use of the amphitheater is $50.
  • Picnic Area

    Kahlo and Shabazz Picnic Area

    With a capacity of 20 per picnic area, the Kahlo and Shabazz Picnic Areas serve as limited small space outdoor options. Grills are not included in the reservation. The rental fee for the Kahlo and Shabazz Picnic Areas are $25. Priority for use of these spaces will go to Oakes College.

Equipment and Student Tech Crew:

  • Our facilities do not have a built in sound systems. If you would like to request speakers, mics, ...etc. please request this service when making your reservation, or at minimum, 2 weeks in advance. 
  • An additional fee for student tech crew is required for all reservations requesting a sound system. We can not provide projectors.
    • The College Programs Coordinator (CPC) will determine the appropriate number of student staff necessary for an event.
    • Your organization will be charged $18 per person per hour.
    • We will do our best to meet all sound system requests, but we are limited by the availability of our student staff team. The earlier you put in your request, the more likely we will be to meet it.
  • You may request student staff to be present for the duration of your event for troubleshooting purposes or for extra help with use of equipment at the hourly rate specified.

Additional Charges:

  • If a reservation is cancelled less then 48 hours before the event then there may be a cancellation fee for up to half the reservation cost. This fees also applies for "no shows".
  • Major events require UCPD presence. The rates charged are not included in the above fees.
  • It is expected that trash cans will be emptied and all garbage and recycling taken to a local dumpster after each event.
  • In event that additional custodial service is required for special cleaning at the end of the event, the reserving party will be charged that service.
  • Damage to Oakes property outside of normal wear and tear will be charged to your organization for repair or replacement

How to Reserve:

Submit an online Oakes Facilities Reservation Form. You will be contacted via email or phone within 5 working days to confirm your reservation and discuss logistics.

For more information and to view Oakes facilities' policy, click here