Oakes College Facilities Policy

Oakes College Policies and Procedures for Venue Reservation & Co-Sponsorship 

In order to better meet demand for the use of Oakes College facilities, the following list of policies and procedures will be utilized to access each reservation request. Designated spaces for student group meetings, events, and staff meetings/staff events have been established and should be kept in mind when submitting reservation requests. Oakes affiliated groups are granted priority when requesting a venue.
The Oakes Learning Center serves as a large communal gathering room and the largest indoor venue that is normally reserved for tutoring and academic sections 8am - 5pm. The campus community can reserve the OLC for events and large gatherings up to 150 people.
Oakes Upper Lawn conveniently located between the academic and residence buildings, this venue is primarily used to hold events and activities up to 300 people.
The Oakes Lower Lawn serves as the premier outdoor venue on the west side of campus. Large events and gatherings are hosted at this venue including the Oakes Commencement Ceremony.
Oakes Amphitheater provides an outdoor venue seating 250 people, primarily reserved for discussion and dialogue events/activities.
These venues are available for reservation on the second Monday of each quarter after Oakes programming’s needs have been determined. Any reservation requests submitted before this time will not be considered.
Reservations are limited to one pending reservation at any given time. No reservations for on-going meetings (i.e. every Tuesday at 5pm), nor can these spaces be reserved in alternating fashion for ongoing meeting times (i.e. one Tuesday in the Guzman Room and next week at the Learning Center). All reservations and/or SOAR Event Approval Forms must be completed a minimum of 3 business days in advance of the event date. If a reservation is cancelled less then 48 hours before the event, there will be a cancellation fee for up to half the reservation cost. This fee also applies for "no shows".

Non-Oakes affiliated groups are limited to no more than 3-4 reservations per-quarter, depending on availability

Exceptions for Early Reservation Requests 

If a reservation is required due to advance planning before the specified quarterly date, a request can be submitted directly to the College Programs Coordinator or Student Life Assistant (oakespro@ucsc.edu) for consideration. Not all early reservation requests can be confirmed, as the college programs have not yet been finalized for the quarter requested. Please only submit an early reservation request for events that require advance planning such as major events and programs that require advance confirmation of guests or speakers.

Oakes Affiliation

Oakes College is proud to host locally started/affiliated groups that work to improve, educate, and enrich the community here at Oakes. Oakes affiliated groups receive priority when requesting venues for events and may have the facility reservation fee waived. To find out if your organization is Oakes affiliate answer the following questions:
  • Is your group not recognized by SOAR?
  • Does your event coincide with Oakes’ Theme?
  • Will your advertisement target exclusively Oakes student or will you advertise within Oakes only?
  • Is your group or event comprised of more than 50% Oakes students?
If you can answer yes to at least three of these questions you may be an eligible Oakes affiliated group, contact the Student Life Assistant at oakesprograms@ucsc.edu for more information.


Oakes College Co-Sponsorship

Oakes College welcomes events and activities that help contribute to our multicultural community committed to equality & freedom from oppression and providing the highest quality education to students from diverse backgrounds. On occasion, Oakes College will co-sponsor events and programs by waiving a portion or the entire venue fee.
  • Student groups who wish to request co-sponsorship need to submit a proposal to the Oakes Student Senate after confirming the availability of the venue. To present a proposal, email oakessenate@ucsc.edu, senate meets weekly on Mondays at 9:00pm at the Oakes Library.
  • Faculty, staff, and non-student affiliated campus units requesting co-sponsorship must contact the CPC, Camerina Morales at caanmora@ucsc.edu. 
Please note, equipment and labor fees are not waived.