Oakes Self Guided Tour

Founded in 1972, Oakes College offers students a place to understand, accept, and celebrate human diversity. Poised at the edge of UCSC’s natural preserve, Oakes also leads at the edge of scholarship, community-building, and integrated experiences. Our multicultural theme housing recognizes historical and contemporary figures whose lives and works symbolize the struggles for social justice and equality. In this context, our students are encouraged to see their differences as an opportunity for growth and discussion rather than a barrier. We invite you to enjoy a self-guided tour of our college using this pamphlet for tour stop information. Please use the map below to help guide your way. Feel free to adventure through Oakes!

The tour begins at what is known as the Oakes Circle. This is a main reference point for many of our students and serves as the entrance to our college.

Map of Oakes College

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Descriptions of our Tour Stops

  1. Academic Building
    This building is the home to many of our classrooms and academic offices at Oakes College. Our on-campus student mailboxes are also located in this building.
  2. Student Life Office
    This office is where we have our Housing Office, Programs Office, and our Residential Life Office.
  3. J. Herman Blake Provost House, Garden, Lower Lawn
    Here we have our student-initiated garden and acroos from it, we have the residence of our college Provost. A private residence, the space is often opened up for student and faculty receptions. Below the Provost House is our Lower Lawn. The Lower Lawn is a popular location for students to enjoy basking in the sun as well as the location for our Commencement Ceremony at Oakes College
  4. Milk & Lili'uokalani-Minami Apartments
    These apartment buildings are primarily for our continuing and transfer students
  5. Oakes Café
    Students often enjoy a bite to eat at the Oakes Café. Next to the café is the Guzman Room, a space for students to study, hangout, or relax. It is also a reservable space for student groups or events.
  6. Amphitheater & Learning Center
    The Amphitheater is a great place to enjoy the sun. Groups can reserve the use of the Amphitheater for events as well. The Learning Center is our large scale event space at Oakes College and is often used for tutoring, meetings, events, and a general study space.
  7. Dorm Quad
    These buildings are our dorm buildings where we primarily house our first year students.
  8. Kahlo & Shabazz Apartments, Underdome
    Underdome is the site of various events and activities including our annual 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament.


All of our residential buildings are named after figures who have meant a great deal in progressive social justice issues. All our building namesakes were selected by students.

Oakes Namesakes

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Oakes Bridge

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