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Oakes College at Sunset

A special welcome to all students to the Oakes Student Life site. As you become more familiar with all that Oakes has to offer, I am certain that you will recognize this community as central to your overall successful educational experience.

The living-learning community at Oakes, steeped in cultural and ethnic history, is a reflection of today’s dynamic society.  Your education at Oakes is based upon the shared experiences of different peoples interacting in a multi-faceted learning environment.  Our theme housing supports the mission of Oakes to model an environment where positive social change can be realized.  The namesakes of our residences, for example, remind us of those individuals who committed themselves to advance the imperative for all of us to live fully in a multicultural world.  As a student at Oakes, you will have the opportunity to live in this diverse community where the values of  individual responsibility, personal integrity, and compromise are essential to our community standards, in and out of the classroom.

I hope that you will share your talents with others as together we create this unique community known as Oakes College.

With Best Wishes -

Susan Welte
College Administrative Officer

Oakes College Housing
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Santa Cruz, CA 95064

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