How to apply and select your on-campus housing for 2019-20

UC Santa Cruz

The Priority Housing Application Period (PHAP) is on April 15, 2019, at 12:00 a.m. and continues through Monday, April 22, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. 

All applicants must apply online at to participate in room selection.

Important note: You should receive a confirmation email with an application number. If you edit your application be sure to hit the "submit" button again or your application will be incomplete and make you ineligible for room selection. You can only apply to one college/community and submitting an application means committing to that college/community.

As a continuing student, you will have the opportunity to choose exactly where and with whom you will live, within the available options and your prioritiy standing. During the room selection process, you can choose your apartment and room type.

There are some important deadlines that need to be met, and early planning is crucial.

Important dates and events for Fall 2019 room selection

Information Housing Session on Tuesday, April 2, at 6 p.m. at the Oakes Learning Center, located above the Oakes Cafe

Information Housing Session on Wednesday, April 10, at 6 p.m. at the Oakes Learning Center, located above the Oakes Cafe

Priority Housing Application period - April 15-22

Early Group Declaration Forms Available - Tuesday, April 23 (Oakes Student Life Office)

Early Group Declaration Forms Due - Friday, May 3

Early Group Eligibility and Assigned Time Email Notification - Tuesday, May 14

Room Selection Invitation Email for Community Room Online Selection (access code and log in time) - Thursday, May 16

Early Group Selection (full apartment households) - Tuesday, May 21

Community Room Selection - Wednesday and Thursday, May 22- 23 (login to to select your space during your designated appointment time)

Beginning May  24 and continuing through the summer - Housing coordinators assign available spaces


The Room Selection Processs

Room selection is the process by which continuing students choose where they want to live for the next academic year (2019-2020).

Early Group Selection: This option is for groups who wish to live together. Your group must include a full group of five to six applicants and may consist of students from your college and other colleges who applied at Oakes during the Priority Housing Application Period (PHAP). Continuing students living in the residence halls get the Rate Saver lock on the 2019-20 room and meal plan rate for 2018-19.

Apartment Groups: All colleges set aside some apartments exclusively for full apartment households. Full apartment groups may apply to participate in Early Group Selection by filing a Declaration form that will be available starting April 25, in the Oakes Student Life Office and online at the Oakes website. Declaration forms are for full Apartment groups that fill an entire apartment and are due Friday, May 4, at 4 p.m. Turn in the form at the Oakes Student Life Office. 

Community Online Room Selection: Students who completed their housing application online during the PHAP period are invited by email to select a space either individually or part of a group at Oakes. On May 17, students who are eligible to participate in room selection (based on priority points) will receive an invitation email at their UCSC email address. The email will contain access code and appointment time to log in to and make a housing selection and choose a room in either the Oakes residence halls or apartments, securing a space for you and a roommate from the available spaces. A lottery is used within the different points brackets to determine who gets the earliest log in time.

This is the on-line selection of individual rooms from those remaining after Community Room Selection. Students who were invited but did not select a space during the Community Room Selection process will be eligible to select from any remaining spaces at other colleges/communities, either individually or as part of a group. Spaces will be limited to those not selected during Community Room Selection. Beginning May 2 and continuing through the summer, housing coordinators assign available spaces. While some students select their housing, many others are assigned housing by their Housing Coordinator. Whether you were not invited by email because you did not file your housing application during PHAP or you decided not to choose one of the spaces available, rest assured your application will remain active and you will be assigned housing as soon as a space matching your preference(s) becomes available

The Priority Point System and Lottery

Priority Point System

Priority for the room selection process, both the pre-selection and the on-line room selection parts, is determined by the following priority system. This same system is used for all of the campus facilities, including the different colleges, the University Town Center, the Village.

A point system is used to determine the order in which priority applicants (continuing students who apply for Fall 2019 university housing during the Priority Housing Application Period (April 15-22, 2019) will be invited to select apartments/rooms. Points are awarded based on a student’s housing guarantee status, affiliation with their applied-for-college, and the year a student entered UCSC.

Priority Points

Guarantee Status Priority Points College Affiliation* Priority Points Year of Entry** Priority Points
Guarantee 3 Affiliate 3 2015 or 2016 3
Non-Guarantee 0 Non-Affiliate 0 2017 2
        2018 1


Additional points will be assigned to transfer students to place them in their appropriate class level.


College affiliation is applicable only for room selection at the ten colleges. College affiliation points will not be awarded to applicants to The Village, University Town Center. Priority at these communities is based solely on the year of entry.

Student leaders will each be granted 1 extra priority point. Student leader positions are defined as:

-Oakes Welcome Week Leader

-College Student Government Affiliate

-College student employees whose employment requires them to work evenings/late nights at their college of residence (This does not apply to college student employees who live in one community but work in a different community)

To determine the priority order for Community Room Selection, we gather the participants in groups by their priority points and use a random number generator to determine the order of the participants. A separate lottery is run for each group, then the groups are put together in descending order to make our full priority order list. As an example, if you have 7 points, you will be choosing your space before anyone with 6 points or less, and after anyone with 8 points, but within your group, you can be anywhere due to the lottery.

For Apartment groups priority will be given based on the collective points of all household members.

Available Spaces

There are many different options for housing at Oakes College. Continuing students can live in either the residence halls or the apartments.

For continuing students who choose to live in the residence halls, we offer single rooms. Milk Block and Lili'uokalani-Minami Apts are designated to full household group of 5 to 6 students who choose to live together. In addition, we make available Casa Kahlo and Shabazz Block Apts.

Oakes apartments house from 5 to 6 students; examples of the various apartment setups include:

5-Person Apartment: 1 Double Room, 3 Single Room

6-Person Apartment: 3 Single Room, 1 Triple Room

6-Person Apartment: 1 Double Room, 1 Triple Room, 1 Single Room

7-Person Apartment: 2 Triple room, 1 Single Room ( this type of apt in only in Shabazz apts).

4-Person Apartment: 2 Double Room

2-Person Apartment: 1 Double Room

Virtual tours of the various rooms are available here

If you do not choose a room during room selection, either due to a late application, no available space, or the option you particularly want is not available, your application will remain on a wait list through the summer. As new options open up over the summer applicants from the wait list will be assigned. Be sure to cancel your application online if you are no longer interested in on-campus housing. If you have an application on file, we will look for a room for you. Cancelations initiated after being assigned a room will result in a cancelation fee.

  • There is no fee for cancelling an application prior to a space being assigned.

When a confirmed contract/reserved housing space is cancelled, the student will be billed according to the following schedule.

Cancellation Date

Cancellation Fee

On or before July 1 $150.00
July 2 through August 1 $250.00
After August 1 $350.00

Your active application represents your interest in being assigned housing and we are committed to providing a space to all interested students. You will receive a confirmation email (at your UCSC email address) when you have been assigned housing. Some things to keep in mind while you await an assignment:

  • Be patient and flexible as we continue through this portion of the housing assignment process.
  • We will work with you over the coming days, weeks, and months, if necessary, to find you an available space either at your applied-for-community or elsewhere on campus.
  • Contact your Housing Coordinator Elsa Silva at if you would like to update the room preferences listed in your housing application.
  • Keep your contact information (cell phone, permanent phone) up-to-date in the Student Portal. Also, be sure to check your UCSC email often as housing staff may contact you.

If at any time your plans change and you are no longer interested university housing it is your responsibility to immediately cancel your application ( There is no fee for cancelling an application prior to a space being assigned; cancellation fees will apply in all cases of a student cancelling a confirmed housing space.