Residential Policies

Community Expectations and Policies

All residents of Oakes College are participants in creating a vibrant, purposeful, mutually respectful, and academically successful community. Key to this success is the respect and active consideration that each resident offers to and deserves from all the members of the community. This includes a responsibility to be aware of, and in compliance with the policies and standards of this community, and to participate in the cooperative resolution of issues that may arise. The Residential Staff are also wonderful resources and facilitators in these areas.

Expectations of student conduct are outlined here, in the Terms and Conditions of the housing contract, and in the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook: Policies and Regulations Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students.

More than 700 students make up the residential community at Oakes College, joining another 900 or so off campus students to comprise the entire College student body. For such a large and purposeful community to thrive and succeed, every resident must be committed to the principles of cooperation and active consideration. These policies require that residents actively consider the well-being of their neighbors and the community, and make compromises for the benefit of those around them. Each resident can reasonably expect that others will be considerate of their needs. Issues and problems can be referred to any Residential Staff member for consultation and, as needed, action

Student Judicial Review Processes

The Coordinators for Residential Education (CRE) are responsible for overseeing the investigation and resolution of all possible policy violations. When possible policy violations are reported to a CRE, they will begin an investigation that includes notifying the resident(s) involved and requesting a meeting to discuss the incident. When the CRE has gathered sufficient information about an incident, they will make a decision regarding a residents and their CRE work together to choose appropriate consequences such as warnings, educational opportunities, and community service, among other options. Usually, such voluntary resolutions bring a positive closure to the event. In severe cases, or for repeated violations, consequences such as housing cancellation, suspension, and expulsion are assigned.

In all cases, students have the right to due process as outlined in the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook: ( For more information about the judicial process, including University regulations, possible sanctions, and due process and appeal avenues please consult the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook and the Terms and Conditions of the housing contract (