Mail Room


Location: Across from the Oakes College Office


Monday - Friday 

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Be sure to check the Oakes College mail room doors for the most updated hours. There will be occasional, unscheduled closures due to illness, unforeseen circumstances or mailroom-related errands.

Oakes Students:

  • If you are no longer on campus please update your delivery address immediately for online purchases
  • Please change your address in your Student Portal
  • If you are not living on campus and are no longer on Notiffi, packages and mail will be returned to sender.
  • If you have any questions please email Marie Morones at or call 831- 459-2558.

Be sure to check the Mailroom door for the most updated hours. There will be occasional, unscheduled closures due to illness, unforseen ciscumstances or mailroom-related errands.

Contact Information: For additional mailroom questions, please call (831) 459-2558 to speak with Marie Morones, Mail Services Supervisor or email

We cannot hold mail at Oakes College over the summer; if you do not submit an electronic mail forwarding request (check at the front desk for more information), your mail will be returned to sender.  Please submit by June 11th, 2020. Please note that only first class mail can be forwarded. Magazines are second class mail and will be discarded; contact them directly to have your address changed. Packages cannot be forwarded and will be returned to sender.


How are mailboxes assigned and where do I get my mailbox information?

All Oakes College students who are living at Oakes College or the Village are assigned a mailbox.   Mailboxes are reassigned every year. Both new and continuing students will receive their mailbox information with their key when they move in.

Can I get a mailbox If I live off campus?

Yes! If you are living off campus and would like to request a mailbox, please contact the Mailroom Supervisor.

Where do I pick up my packages?

If you receive a package, we will send an email to your UCSC email address. The email will indicate if package is at the Mailroom or Oakes College Office.  To retrieve your package, bring a photo ID to the Oakes Mailroom or the Oakes College Office during open hours and a staff member will help you. Packages are not kept indefinitely. Packages that are not picked up in a timely manner are deemed unclaimed and then returned to sender.

I lost my mailbox combination, what do I do?

If this information has been lost, please come to the Oakes College office with your student ID to request this information.


What do I do if my mailbox is broken?

Report the problem right away to the mailroom clerk or the Oakes College Office.

How should my mail be addressed?

Please notify your family and friends of your address and please do not use nicknames.

First and Last Name

UCSC/Oakes #____(mail box #, not room#)
231 Oakes Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1117

My online tracking says my package has arrived, but I don't have an email from the mailroom yet. Where is it?

The online tracking email that some mail/package carriers send out to notify you that your package has been delivered only indicates that your package has arrived in the city of Santa Cruz. It can take an additional 1- 3 days to be delivered to the Oakes College Mailroom.

How do I get my mail forwarded if I am going to be away from UCSC?

Forwarding services are provided for a maximum of 90 days to students who have had a college mailbox and are moving off campus, who are going on EAP, graduating, leaving for the summer, transferring, withdrawing or taking a leave of absence. To activate the forwarding service, complete a address forwarding card and leave it at the Mailroom or with the Oakes College Office.

NOTE: Only USPS First Class Mail is forwarded. This does not include magazines, junk mail or packages from FEDEX, UPS, etc.

Where can I mail a letter?

The closest U.S. mailbox for outgoing mail is located on the wall of the hallway near the Oakes Mailroom. Be sure your mail is stamped before putting in the USPS box.

Where can I mail a package?

The nearest UPS location is next to the Safeway on Mission St. at :
SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060-5848

Telephone: (831) 426-5762

Where can I purchase stamps?

The nearest UPS location is next to the Safeway on Mission St. at :
SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060-5848

Telephone: (831) 426-5762

What do I do if there is a letter in my mailbox that is not for me?

If you have a college mailbox, you are required to check your mail frequently. If you receive mail that is not addressed to you or your box mate, please return it immediately to the Mailroom staff or the Oakes College Office.

When do I start or stop receiving mail at this address?

We do not accept mail during the Summer Quarter and will either return or forward any first-class mail or packages that arrive before Move-In Day. We accept mail and packages through the school year, excluding Winter and Spring Breaks. All student mailboxes close at the end of Spring Quarter. Any first-class mail or packages remaining in a mailbox/mailroom will be either forwarded or returned the following week. Submit an electronic mail forwarding request for the Summer here.