Oakes Senate Funding Request Form

The Oakes Student Senate is the governing body of Oakes College and serves as the voice of the student community at Oakes. Through that capacity, the Oakes Student Senate provides limited funding for the implementation of events and programs that serve the Oakes Community. To be eligible for funding from the Oakes Student Senate, you must be one of the following:

  • A registered SOAR organization
  • A registered Student Media organization
  • An organization or club affiliated with OPERS
  • A group or organization affiliated with a campus unit and/or academic department with a FOAPAL available for fund tranfers

Please submit your funding request using the online form below. Once you have put in your request, you will be contacted by email you provide with an invitation to present at a meeting. It is recommended you submit your funding request as far in advance as possible, as a limit is put on the number of funding proposals heard at each senate meeting. 

When presenting, you may be asked a series of follow-up questions concerning your event and/or the proposed use of funds requested by Oakes Senate.

For SOAR, Student Media, and Cultural Arts and Diversity student organizations: please fill out the SOAR Funding Form (pdf) and email it to the Oakes Senate (oakessen@ucsc.edu) or print it out and bring a copy to the Oakes Senate Meeting when you are invited to come present.

We are a registered SOAR org.
We are a registered Student Media org.
We are an OPERS affiliated group.
We are affiliated with (campus unit).

Contact Info

Event Info

What is the purpose of your event? Please be sure to include how your event will benefit the Oakes Community.
Please include a comprehensive proposed budget for your event.



Are you requesting funding from other sources?    Yes       No 
If yes, where else are you requesting funding from?