Posting Policies

Posting, Tabling and Advertising Policies


Bring up to 22 copies of your flyer to the Oakes Student Life Office and we will post them for you once approved. Only Oakes College Student Life Staff may post inside residence halls and on apartment bulletin boards. All unapproved flyers in these locations or on buildings, walls, posts, doors, trees or windows will be removed. Flyers must: 

▪   Clearly indicate sponsor and contact information.

▪   Include date of the event.

▪   Be no larger than 8.5” x 11”.


All Banners at Oakes must be approved and posted by the Oakes College Student Life Office. All unapproved banners will be removed. Banners will be displayed on the fence or wall outside the Oakes Learning Center, facing the Dorm quad or in the West Remote Parking Lot. Banners must:

▪   Be no larger than 3’(H) X 5’(W).

▪   Clearly Display sponsor and contact/disability information for the event.

▪   Date of the event.

Dining Hall 

Approval for Dining Hall banners is given through the Rachel Carson Programs Office.

Advertising in the dining hall table tents is coordinated by Dining Services. 

If you wish to table in the dining hall please contact Wade Garza at (831) 459-5786

Tabling in Oakes College

Tabling is permitted in the free speech areas of Oakes College, specifically the Upper Lawn, when it is not otherwise reserved. Please contact the Oakes Programs Office for availability. Tables will not be provided.

Chalking is NOT allowed at Oakes in any location without approval.