Oakes Peer Advising Drop-In

Your Oakes Peer Advisers are available for you to drop in and ask questions online!

They are available via Google Hangouts to answer quick questions regarding:

  • Identifying outstanding general education requirements
  • Choosing general education and other non-major classes
  • Reviewing your graduation requirements (except for major requirements)
  • Navigating your myUCSC portal
  • Understanding how to enroll in, swap and/or drop classes
  • Providing insight on their own personal major/educational journey

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We’re excited to meet you!

The calendar below shows the times your Oakes Peer Advisors will be available for drop-in chat questions.


How to Chat A Peer Adviser:

  • Log into your UCSC Gmail Account
  • Check the left handed corner of your email to see if Hangouts is active
  • If you see your profile picture, a green circle, and a list of your recent chats, your Hangouts is active
    • If you do not see this information, you will need to: 
      • Go into your Settings
      • Select the “Chat and Meet” Tab
      • Click, “Hangouts On”
      • Then select, “Save Changes”
      • Go back to your inbox and refresh your page to find the Hangouts on the left corner of your inbox
  • Click the “+” symbol 
  • Type in “oakespa@ucsc.edu
  • When prompted, click the ”Send Invite” icon

If you are having trouble connecting to Google Hangouts, send an email to oakespa@ucsc.edu

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