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What We Do

Meet with us regularly to review your progress. During your first year, you should plan to see us at least once per quarter.

Oakes Advisers can help you:

⦿ Maneuver and navigate through the institution.
⦿ Explore and decide on a major program of interest to pursue.
⦿ Choose classes and create a two-year academic plan to qualify for a major.
⦿ Access support services available across the campus.
⦿ Find enriching opportunities, such as workshops regarding internships, study skills, time management or career planning, etc.
⦿ Understand policies and requirements for graduation.
⦿ Discuss academic concerns.
⦿ Figure out who to speak to when we cannot answer your questions.

Peer Advisers will assist with:

⦿ Using the enrollment system (add/drop/swap/waitlist courses and changing grading option).
⦿ Finding and strategically selecting general education (GE) requirements and elective courses.
⦿ Accessing and interpreting your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) to better understand any outstanding requirements you might have at UCSC .

Note: Learn more about what we do and what we can help you with here.

Forms to Email to Oakes

Notice: You now have the option of emailing the following forms and petitions.
Notice: It could take up to a 2-3 days to process the petition.

⦿ Change of College Application
Change In: If you are changing into Oakes, make sure you have all the required signatures. You only need housing coordinator signature, if you want to change housing in the current academic year.
⦿ Change Out: If you are changing out of Oakes, and plan to drop-off your form, the form does not need any signatures on it as we are the first office to sign in.

⦿ Petition to Extend Enrollment
Accepted as long as you have the signatures from your major, and 2nd major or minor if applicable.

⦿ Education Abroad Program Application
Academic plan section must be complete.

⦿ Veterans Affairs (VA) Forms
Make sure you get major adviser signature first.

⦿ Final Quarter Part-Time Program Applicatio


Advising Appointments

Appointments are available Monday through Friday via Slug Success:

Appointments via Zoom or some in-person options.

Please sign in to Slug Success via the button below to make an appointment:

Note: A step-by-step guide is available here:

Appointment Types

Express Appointment at Oakes
Meet with an Oakes adviser to address the following forms and topics during an express appointment: Withdrawal or Leave; VA Forms; Petition to Extend Enrollment; Change of College; Education Abroad; Part-Time form; Requests for more than 19 units; Graduation Checks; Community College Classes; Transfer out; W grades

Advising Appointment at Oakes
Meet with an Oakes adviser to address the following topics during an advising appointment: Academic Difficulty; Academic Planning; Major Exploration and Qualification; Study Skill Building; Emergency Situation; Personal Issues Impacting Academics; Readmission; Requests to take a class for the third time

Science Mentoring at Oakes College
Meet with Adriana Lopez, a graduate student and our very own Science Community Mentor, to discuss majors in the sciences, research, science classes, and effective study skills for the sciences. Bring a friend or come one-on-one. Meetings are scheduled in Slug Success and take place over Zoom.

Cancelling a Scheduled Appointment
To cancel an appointment more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, refer to your original confirmation e-mail for a link to cancel or change your appointment.

Contact Us

We are located on the first floor of the Oakes Academic Building (top right corner of map)

For urgent matters, please send us a message at:
Main Office: (831) 459-4531
Fax: (831) 459-5895

Mailing Address
The Office of Advising and Records
Oakes College
University of California, Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064