Oakes Student Project Grants

Funding for Creative and/or Academic Projects

Button that says Apply HereWhat are Oakes student project grants? Up to $1,000 grants in support of Oakes students' creative initiatives, academic research, artistic endeavors, or special events — except events sponsored by registered student organizations, which should go through SOAR.

Who can apply? Any registered Oakes student or group of registered Oakes students. 

How do I apply? Fill out this application by the relevant deadline.

How are funding decisions made? The Oakes provost makes the final funding decisions, based on the merit of the project, the extent to which the project will benefit the college and/or university community, and the availability funds. 

When are applications due? For Spring quarter, applications are due on April 19, 2023. Fall applications are due on October 4, 2022.

For more information, email Ella, the Oakes College Academic Manager, oakscam@ucsc.edu.