Kyle Rocha wins Koret scholarship

Kyle Rocha

Name: Kyle Rocha
Year: Senior
Major: Astrophysics major
Why did you choose your major and your college?
I was actually an applied physics major or most of my undergrad. Only now after doing research in many disciplines in physics have I decided to settle into astrophysics. (I initially did particle physics and then materials science and now astrophysics.) Oakes was the perfect place for me to thrive academically while also keeping in touch with my diverse cultural background.
What are your career goals?
I would eventually like to become a professor in astronomy and astrophysics.
What is your research project?
My research project explores the effects of minor isotopes on accretion-induced collapse. I will be using the code Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA) to evolve stars and produce white dwarfs with accurate chemical profiles to characterize their collapse to neutron stars. If you would like more information about accretion induced collapse or something more general let me know.
Why did you choose that topic?
I chose the topic of stellar evolution because I have found it very interesting. Stars are dynamic! They are born, live, and die. At each stage of their evolution there is a wide range of physics to understand and learn. 
Who are you working with?
I am working with a postdoctoral fellow Josiah Schwab. Info
What advice do you have for other students interested in doing research?
Advice for students interested in doing research: Start early and don't be afraid to ask questions! Most of my research experiences started from me asking if there was a position available. I just needed to show I was excited and willing to do the hard work that comes with research.