Oakes Service Learning Courses

Current listing of Oakes Service Learning courses:

Oakes 73B:  Oakes College Mentoring — 2 units, PR-S  (Fall). Instructor: Lindsay Knisely

This 2-unit practicum course supports students who are mentoring new Oakes students.  Mentors work as academic peer counselors, providing mentees with support, resources, and guidance as they adjust to college.  Work also includes small group planning and reports; large-group discussion of development, concerns, and negotiations; in-class written mentor evaluations, and written reflections. Click here for more information.

Oakes 76: Social Geography and Justice in Santa Cruz - 5 units, PR-S (Winter). Instructor: Leslie López

This course guides students quickly through the deep history of Santa Cruz to the present day through inquiry into actual buildings, landmarks, and landscapes.  By demonstrating how a “sense of place” is constructed by dominant power-holders, and simultaneously experienced as contested, interrupted, or as an alternative reality by those excluded from representational power, the course introduces the stakes and dilemmas involved in social documentation projects--including maps, field notes, art, documentary, and everyday practices of image projection and language.  This course involves collaborative service work with a local community organization.

Oakes 151 A & B: Community Literacies Seminar and Field Study (Corre la Voz).  2 and 3 units respectively; Field Study is PR-S (Fall, Winter, Spring). Instructor: Leslie López

Corre la Voz is an intensive field study program that supports students learning how to work with English Language Learners (4th-5th grade) in ways that promote community and collective empowerment. Students must apply to this program (in Weeks 7-9 of the previous quarter, during enrollment), and go through an interview process.  New mentors enroll in Oakes 151A, a 2-unit seminar; all mentors enroll in the 3-unit field study, Oakes 151B.  Schedule is the same each quarter: Seminar Mondays 5-7 pm; Program Tuesdays/Thursdays 3-5:30 pm. See the CLV website for more information or email clvlinksucsc@gmail.com.

Oakes 152: Transformative Literacies - 5 units, PR-S (every other Spring—2017).  Instructor: Leslie López

This course critically analyzes how “literacy work” and “educational outreach” work by educators and organizations is related to implicit or explicit power, and to assumptions about cultural norms, priorities, and goals that are often unidirectional.  What conditions, techniques, or processes can make literacy or information transformational and empowering?  What options are available for organizations that would like to serve and educate particular communities, and how can we help create appropriate and successful strategies?  This course includes collaborative service work with a local community organization.

Oakes 153: Community Mapping: Power and the People of Oakes College - 5 units, PR-S; may be counted as Topical for CMMU (every Winter).  Instructor: Leslie López

This course uses “asset-based community mapping” research methods designed to build community awareness of shared resources and energy that can be accessed to move toward change and empowerment in the Oakes community.  Students work in groups to identify issues, and then use a selection of interviews, maps, photos, focus groups, and mini-survey projects to discover, uncover, and represent barriers and potential for change in the community. Projects culminate in a final presentation rich in visuals, and in an action-oriented proposal for the future. See student presentations here.