Oakes Student Scholarships

Oakes College Student Project Funds

Oakes College has a modest fund to support Oakes students in the following four areas: (1) academic research; (2) creative initiatives; (3) artistic endeavors; (4) special events

Any registered Oakes undergraduate student is eligible to submit an application for funding. Funds can only be given to the specific Oakes student applicant for expenses which the Oakes student paid. All funding decisions will be based on the merit of the research/project, the extent to which the research/project will benefit the college and/or university community, and the available funds.  Here are some examples of projects that were funded in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Deadlines are as follows: 10/7 for Fall quarter; 1/20 for Winter quarter; 4/7 for Spring quarter. 

NOTE: Funding requests for events sponsored by registered student organizations should be directed to Core Council funding through Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR).

Please direct any questions about the proposal and award process to the College Academic Programs Coordinator <oakescapc@ucsc.edu>.

Joel Frankel Scholarship (Deadline: 4pm, Monday, April 3, 2017)

The Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship awards grant funds to support undergraduate field study projects in Latin America or Latino communities within the United States. See flyer here or online http://lals.ucsc.edu/undergraduate/lals-scholarships/Jf-scholarship/index.html

Deans' and Chancellor's Awards (Deadline: Tuesday, April 4, 2017)

Deans' Awards are granted to 50 undergraduate projects, 10 from each of the academic divisions. Submissions are an outstanding senior thesis or project completed during the current academic year. Each winning project receives a $100 award, and will be considered for a $500 Chancellor’s and the $1000 Steck Award. The names of winners will be announced at graduation. 

Completed project applications are due by Tuesday, April 4. For guidelines and the application, see https://dca.ue.ucsc.edu/. Questions can be directed to ugrdhnrs@ucsc.edu.

DREAMer's RoadMap

This is a searchable database, available on smart phones as well as computers, for scholarships for undocumented students. Website: http://www.dreamersroadmap.com