Taking Care of Yourself: Medical Support and Precautions

It is essential to maintain up-to-date information on the resources available to you, in order to take care for yourself and your community. Routines have shifted significantly, on and off campus, so we've compiled some information about accessing healthcare and staying posted on changing operations. Be sure to also visit the Student Health Center and Santa Cruz Health Services websites.

Updates from the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is open. You can access SHS services on- or off-campus through phone, video, email, or in-person appointments. UC SHIP covers students no matter where they are. Learn how to use UC SHIP and CruzCare benefits from anywhere, or cancel if needed.

If you think you have COVID-19 or feel sick, do not go to an urgent care facility without first speaking to a healthcare provider. Students can call the Nurse Advice line at 831-459-2591. Your healthcare provider will have instructions for you about how to care for yourself and avoid spreading the virus. See more information from the CDC about what to do if you think you have COVID-19 or use the CDC's COVID-19 self-checker to get information on your symptoms. For now, the most important thing to do is stay home and contact your healthcare provider if you’re feeling sick, especially if you develop a cough or a high temperature.

For updates and frequently asked questions, visit the Student Health Center website. 

Updates from the Santa Cruz County Public Health Department

In order to stay posted, text "COVID-19" to 211211. If you are in Santa Cruz County, visit the Santa Cruz Health website. If you are in California, and have questions about COVID-19, call 211, and state the county you currently reside in. 

The Santa Cruz Public Health Agency recommends this general factsheet on COVID-19, and this factsheet on cleaning and disinfecting.