Forms Drop Box


You now have the option to drop-off the following forms and petitions. You are not required to drop-off these forms, and you can always meet with an adviser.

*It could take up to a week to process the petition. If you need it sooner then you should stay for drop-in. 

Change of College

CHANGE IN: If you are changing into Oakes, make sure you have all the required signatures.  You only need housing coordinator signature, if you want to change housing in the current academic year.

CHANGE OUT: If you are changing out of Oakes, the form does not need any signatures on it. 

Petition to Extend Enrollment

Accepted as long as you have the signatures from your major, and 2nd major or minor if applicable 

Education Abroad

Academic plan section must be complete. 

VA Forms

Make sure you get major adviser signature first. 

CEP Petitions

As long as you have already met with an adviser and you’re just dropping it off

Final Quarter Part-Time