New First-Time Freshman

Oakes Core Course Information

Summer Checklist and Resources

As a new first-year freshman, a number of resources and programs have been designed to help you with your transition as a UCSC student.  It may be confusing trying to figure out how everything works. 

At the Summer Orientation Program and during Fall Welcome Week you will learn about:

  • Degree requirements,
  • Course enrollment
  • Oakes core course
  • Advising resources on campus,
  • Academic policies
  • Important academic and administrative deadlines
  • Enrichment opportunities,
  • and much more.

All Oakes frosh are required to take the Oakes Core Course,“Communicating Diversity for a Just Society." Our Oakes Core Section guide will help you determine your correct core section.

Step-by-step video instructions on how to enroll in classes, drop classes, swap classes, or change grade types, can be found here.  If you need enrollment assistance, you are welcome to contact your college adviser. 

In addition, the online Advising Center provides another great tutorial and advising guide for new students as a way of introducing them to our academic advising system, degree requirements, course planning and enrollment, and campus resources.  During your first year of college, you should also begin thinking about a major.  This includes understanding the requirements for your intended major and learning how to qualify, if applicable.