Academic Adviser, Travarus Fauntleroy

Oakes Academic Adviser, Travarus Fauntleroy

Travarus Fauntleroy

About Me:

Education is a key that opens locked doors. Education illuminates the generations of darkness and oppression that this society is constructed upon. Hailing from a small town in southern New Jersey, I was raised understanding the power of two notions: “There are not many things more powerful than an educated Black Man;”  and that “Steel sharpens Steel.”  Those two proverbs are at the foundation of who I am and continue to motivate me to contribute to the greatness of others. Now as an adult, those words resonate with me even more  and have helped me realize that most things are not black and white; and that it is in that grey area where the painful truth lives. Being selfless, supportive and caring are three things that nurtured me from a young age. Determination, strategy, and effective execution are the attributes that continue to drive me today. These are principles that I try to offer students on a daily basis to reach the light through times of darkness, to embrace their humanity, and to actively continue to find themselves. We move together as a community by continuing to lend a hand to one another and relentlessly pay it forward; I learn, you learn, we learn. To be a gleaming example to others of what it means to persevere and excel. Oakes College is the place where educational transference is ongoing and encouraged. My passion to inspire and motivate others allows me to find a piece of home at Oakes College and to contribute to the success of our students.


Penns Grove, New Jersey


  • BA, Psychology, Rider University

Favorite Quote:

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards" -Søren Kierkegaard

Contact me:

Phone: (831) 459-2558