Lead Peer Adviser, Griselda Avalos

Oakes Lead Peer Adviser, Griselda Avalos

Griselda Avalos

About Me:

Education reminds me that my soul is free to speak. As a woman of color, growing up as part of the Latinx community, machismo was deeply rooted within my family's expectations of me. This created challenges to accessing higher education. Identifying this barrier in my own household inspired me to help other Latinas, like myself, who also faced such difficulties and remind them to speak up and stand for what they desire. All my life I was raised with the mentality to put others before me; however, as a third year at UCSC studying Sociology and Feminist Studies, I have now gained more autonomy over my feelings, achievements, and desires. This means that I have made a CHOICE to work as a Peer Adviser and to put others before me, I CHOOSE to care and I CHOOSE to help my peers believe that they can be successful. My education is not just about me, it is about empowering others, it is about breaking the chains that keep many marginalized people from being successful. Most of all, it is about creating a community that is loving, caring, and willing to make a difference in our society.


East Los Angeles, California


  • BA, Sociology and Feminist Studies with a concentration in Culture, Power and Representation, University of California, Santa Cruz

Favorite Quote:

“I've put up with too much, too long. And now I'm just too INTELLIGENT, too POWERFUL, too BEAUTIFUL, too sure of who I am finally to deserve anything less.” - Sandra Cisneros

Contact me:

Email: oakespa@ucsc.edu
Phone: (831) 459-2558