We believe your time is valuable and that knowledge is power! Before booking with us, please verify that you are speaking with the more appropriate adviser:


Reasons to Visit College Adviser

Visit a College Academic Adviser (What We Can Help With)


Reasons to Visit Major/Minor Department Adviser

Visit a Major/Minor Department Adviser

  • To find out which skills (eg. math, writing) you need to develop early to succeed in your major
  • For help in planning how to complete your upper-division major/minor coursework 
  • To verify which transfer courses apply to the major/minor
  • For help on reworking your program plan if you get out of sequence, classes are not offered, or you didn't get into or didn't pass a required course
  • To get permission numbers to enroll in classes, if prerequisites were fulfilled at another institution
  • To find out about tutoring opportunities in the major/minor
  • To find out about internships, field study, and research opportunities in your major/minor field
  • To get advising on post-BA life: graduate school, careers, etc.
  • To get assistance in being matched with a faculty member in your major/minor whose scholarly focus parallels your interests
  • To find out about scholarship and fellowship opportunities in your discipline
  • For graduation checks of your major/minor requirements

  • You can find your major/minor websites and advising hours here


Reasons to Visit Office of the Registrar Adviser

Visit a Records Adviser at the Office of the Registrar


Reasons to Visit Peer Advisers

Visit a Peer Adviser During Drop-In (NOT AVAILABLE)

  • To review outstanding general education requirements
  • For help choosing general education and elective classes
  • For help navigating your myUCSC portal
  • To check your graduation requirements (except for major requirements)
  • For help enrolling, swapping and dropping classes