Oakes Academic Adviser, Karolina Reyes (she/her)

Karolina Reyes, Academic Adviser

About Me:

I am a product of supportive and nurturing immigrant parents and the first in my family to navigate the education system in this country. Growing up, my parents instilled in me that having an education and a determined mindset would be essential to obtaining access to a better life for my family and myself. Going off to college at UC Davis was one of my most memorable adventures filled with personal growth, relationship building, and exploration of my identity as a first generation Latina woman. I have to say, college also presented some growing opportunities consisting of homesickness, adjusting and integrating myself into a new community, and finding a balance between my academics and wellbeing. I am thankful for these experiences since they connected me to resourceful individuals who understood the challenges that first-generation students encounter in college and were genuinely invested in seeing students, like myself, succeed. A couple years after my undergraduate career, I became very interested in learning techniques to help myself and others heal from past trauma and this curiosity led me to pursue graduate school. Through my graduate program I learned that I am a product of the people that have come before me and those I have met thus far, which propels me to be the best version of myself and serve others to the best of my ability. My previous experiences inform my interest to partner with students to support their growth, academic success, and wellbeing throughout and beyond the college experience.


South Gate, California


  • MA, Higher Education Administration, Loyola Marymount University 19'
  • BS, Psychology and BA, Chicano Studies, University of California, Davis 15'

Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.” - Robert Tew

Contact me:

Email: oakesadvising@ucsc.edu
Phone: (831) 459-4531