Students play a critical role in shaping community at Oakes College. Volunteer work, student groups, student government, and paid student life positions provide a variety of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles.

Community Assistant (CA)

CAs are responsible for planning programs and activities that engage the Oakes community and provide opportunities for meaningful interactions and/or educational enrichment. The CA position is a paid student employment position. CAs are paid a wage of $14.50/hour. CAs are expected to work an average of 8 to 10 hours a week. Applications for CA and NA positions open each year in December. 

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ELATED - Empowering Latino Advancement Through Education and Development

ELATED is a student run organization that strives to improve leadership and development skills through coordination of educational, cultural, and awareness events and activities. The group holds workshops, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities that benefit the Latinx/Chicanx community on and off campus. 
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EQUAL Engaging Queer Understanding And Leadership

EQUAL is an Oakes based queer peer support group that aims to encourage leadership through self-empowerment and visibility. The group meets weekly on Thursdays in the Oakes Mural Room from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm. All are welcome!

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Neighborhood Assistant (NA)

The NA position is a live-in, peer advising student leadership role. NAs are compensated with a single room and a 7-day unlimited meal plan. Applications for NA and CA positions open each year in December.

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Salsita Dance Group is an organization that teaches latin genre dances for free. Salsita strives to provide a safe community for students to de-stress and have fun! Anyone who is interested in learning how to dance is welcome. No experience is necessary! If you would like to be a member of Salsita you need only come to classes regularly and social events they host. Class times are on Sundays from 12pm to 2pm at the Oakes Learning Center (OLC). 

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Oakes Senate meets weekly on Monday nights at 9 pm in the Oakes Library. Students help make decisions for the college, allocate funds to student organizations and initiatives, and plan events for the community. It is never too late to join. Stop by and check it out any week.

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Social Media Specialist

The Oakes Social Media Specialist maintains Oakes College social media on a variety of platforms. They post regularly to promote events happening at Oakes College and find creative ways to keep students engaged in college news and updates. The Social Media Specialist position is a paid student employment position. The Social Media Specialist is paid a wage of $13.00/hour. Applications for the Social Media Specialist position open in July (see ER#8576).

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Tech Crew

Oakes Tech Crew provide day-of support to events at Oakes College. They are trained in basic audio-visual operations to set-up and run sound sytems for a wide-variety of events. They also assist with all aspects of event production, including set-up and breakdown. The Tech Crew position is a paid student employment position. Tech Crew is paid a wage of $13.00/hour. Applications for Tech Crew are currently OPEN. (see ER#1875).

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Welcome Leaders (OWLs)

Oakes Welcome Leaders (or OWLs) are a group of volunteers who plan and implement Welcome Week activities. They are a crucial part of Move-In and help set the tone for a brand new exciting year. They work with NAs and CAs to help new students become familiar with Oakes College, UCSC, and all that Santa Cruz has to offer. Applications open each year in March.

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